Just touching base about drone video

I just updated the video section of our website with a link to some drone footage. On that page there is also a link to highlight videos. I am finding that some people are clicking on video at the top and then going to the sub menus and missing all of the highlight video samples. So I thought I would also add a link to it on the drone footage page. Since drone footage for weddings is a big thing right now! If you are considering video for your wedding, check out our samples. If you are not considering video for your wedding, check out our samples. It might just change your mind! Imagine having a video of your wedding day you can show your kids, your family, your friends! Plus you miss a lot on wedding day. With video you can see the wedding party walking down the aisle, the moms lighting the candles, etc. Things you don't see while you are hid in the back waiting to walk down the aisle. Plus congratulation messages from family and friends! Feel free to call text or email if you have questions.

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