Tips to Make Your Wedding Great

If having your hair or nails done the day of the wedding, allow several hours between your appointment time and the time you need to be at the Church. They almost ALWAYS run behind. Don't take a chance on being late. If you plan on having a receiving line, make sure that all of the wedding party and family members know to go back in immediately following for photos. Remember to add in a least a half an hour for receiving line when telling your caterer what time you will arrive at hall. Bubbles or Bird Seed? Bubbles get my vote. They will pelt you with rice or bird seed, and it will be all in your hair. Make sure you know how your dress bustles, maybe even practice it. At rehearsal make sure the ushers practice seating the parents and grandparents and know which pew they are supposed to go in. Also make sure they know when they are supposed to take the mothers up to light the candles. I have seen many an usher drop the mothers off at their pews to be seated instead of taking them up to the alter to light candles. Make sure that if you have a special song you want your DJ to play that he has it and that it is by the artist you want it by. Many different artist sing the same song. Try to finalize songs at least 30 days prior to wedding. Use 6 or 8 large straight pins to pin down aisle runner. The self adhesive tape that comes on it never holds it. Don't put the aisle runner down until after beforehand photographs have been taken. Take a few little emergency items with you, such as : straight pins, bobby pins, safety pins, scissors, panty hose, and something for a headache. And of course make sure you pack the makeup bag, including hair brush and hair spray. Don't forget to pack face powder for touch ups throughout the day, especially in hot weather. Make sure you eat something the day of your wedding. If it is hot out you might want to bring bottled water for the wedding party to drink while getting ready at the Church. Don't snap at or be hateful to your mother or bridesmaids. They may get away with that on the TV shows, but your family and friends won't think it is funny. You want to be remembered as a beautiful bride - not bridezilla! Brides - Do Not use liquid make up, use powder. This will help eliminate any shine that you might have. Have your make up with you the day of the wedding and make it part of your maid of honor's duties that she keep a watch on you to see if you need it refreshed throughout the day. Glitter may be ok in the hair, but do yourself a favor and don't put it on your body. Those pieces of glitter reflect the light from the flash and show up as tiny white spots on your skin in your photographs. Hiring a limo - great, just don't let having a limo keep you from getting to the Church two hours prior for photographs. I understand that everyone is on a budget and sometimes limo's can only be obtained for 2 or three hours, but trust me, years from now when you are looking through your wedding album that limo ride will not be nearly as important as all of the beforehand photographs and after ceremony photographs.

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